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Origin of nasty noise discovered

The cause of the unfortunate noise that has variously been described as a “beep, buzz or whistling” has been found.  The noise that has been troubling the good people of Mariekerke in Bornem (Antwerp Province) was caused, as initially thought, by a faulty boiler, but not the boiler originally held responsible for the mystery buzz, but another one.

Residents of Mariekerke have been hunting high and low for the cause of the disturbance for months.  All to no avail, until the local mayor went on VRT Radio to highlight the situation.  Scores of suggestions flooded in but finally it was a gas boiler expert, who identified the sound that appeared at different times and in different locations across the village.

“Some people thought it was the European tree frog or an owl, but the cause was more down-to-earth” says Mayor Joos. “The boiler had not been properly adjusted for the switch from lean to rich gas. The sound reached the entire neighbourhood via the chimney”.

The boiler has meanwhile been dealt with and the nasty noise of Mariekerke has disappeared, at least for now.

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