Sciensano poll reveals surge in unhappiness

The protracted pandemic and corona measures are impacting on our mental health.  The number of people indicating they are experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression has never been higher since the start of the pandemic according to the latest health survey conducted by health science institute Sciensano.

The latest survey paints a picture of the situation at the end of the fourth wave with omicron on the horizon.  34% of people are now unhappy with their lives – up from 14% in October.  The figure is at its highest, 37%, among youngsters between 18 and 29 years of age.

28% of adults say they are very lonely.  21% suffer depression, while 24% are battling anxiety disorder. 

“These are the worst results since the start of the pandemic” says Sciensano’s Stefaan Demarest.  “The situation had improved in October but was still worse than before the pandemic”.

Demarest points to disappointment: people thought the worst was over, but then the fourth wave kicked in.

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