Skippy the Wallaby is back home!

Skippy the Wallaby is back at the children’s farm in Lichtaart (Kasterlee – Antwerp Province).  The animal escaped at the beginning of the week and after a jaunt through the countryside was eventually captured close to home.

Countless volunteered set out to find the creature.  It was spotted in Lichtaart and as far afield as Geel.  Initially all attempts to catch Skippy failed, but on Wednesday evening the animal resurfaced close to its home at the children’s farm.  A vet was called, who stunned the animal allowing its carers to return it to its cage.

Nick Smets, who runs the Noah’s Arc estate says: “Skippy was taking it easy, having a bite of grass, when he was captured.  I think he enjoyed his outing.  We were above all impressed by the tons of people who were prepared to set off and look for Skippy.  We’re happy that partly thanks to them he is now safe and sound and back home”.

An examination of the wallaby revealed it hadn’t suffered any mishaps during its adventure.

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