Nicolas Maeterlinck

Suspended sentence for man who stabbed bar owner over vaccine certification

A customer, who stabbed the proprietor of a Brussels bar because he was unable to produce a Covid Safe Ticket (CST) when so requested, has received a suspended jail sentence of 15 months.

It was last October that a bar owner in Brussels was stabbed.  His assailant claimed he was acting in legal defence, but the judge threw out this argument.

The stabbing happened during the first weekend when people had to provide certification of their vaccine status in hospitality in Brussels.  The incident happened on the Visverkopersstraat.  The assailant was drunk at the time.   His lawyer claimed that the proprietor also beat his client when ejecting him from the premises.

The judge gave little credence to this version of events and found the defendant guilty.  He will probably not have to serve any time because the sentence is a suspended one.

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