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Antwerp police seize erection pills

Police and customs up in Antwerp have carried out checks on several stores in the Stuivenberg District. Erection pills that were being sold under the counter were seized at two premises, while at three other stores equipment used to consumer drugs was found. Drugs, probably intended for sale, were also retrieved from the neighbourhood. 

In all eight stores received a visit from the lads in blue.  In two shops medicines to treat erectile dysfunction were impounded.

“Ordinary stores are not permitted to sell these medicines that require expert advice on their use” says Wouter Bruyns of Antwerp police.

Police recovered several boxes and 25 individual tablets. The source of the medicines is unclear. 

At three other stores police encountered equipment to do drugs including special pipes used to smoke drugs as well as crunchers used to grind drugs.  Residents in the Stuivenberg District experience a lot of hassle as a result of antisocial behaviour.  Police hope to improve the quality of life there by staging regular operations.

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