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Arno at the VRT: "Glad to be back on stage!"

Rock singer Arno was back performing last week during a concert session organised by VRT.  The singer, who has been receiving treatment for cancer, said he was so happy he was alive today, though it could have been the last concert he gave.  “I’d like to thank everybody” he said. “I wanted to do this”.

International rock star Arno was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of 2019 and was more recently told to cancel all gigs till the end of last year.  The Ostender received treatment for complications at Brussels University Hospital in April last year.  He made a swift recovery, but his doctors told him to take it easy.

“I missed the stage.  I’m addicted to music. And that adrenaline that gives me power.  It never cheated on me” he says during his concert at VRT.

“It does me good to play again.  I will play a song for all mothers.  My mum is in heaven.  I’ll go and visit her”.

“I accept what’s happening to me, the world that is changing.  I live for today.”

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