Nicolas Maeterlinck

What are the rules on quarantine and self-isolation?

There have been some changes to quarantine rules that apply to people with high-risk contacts and to isolation rules that affect people with Covid.

People who experienced a high-risk contact and are vaccinated do not need to quarantine or take a PCR test if their last jab was within the last 5 months.  Seven-day quarantine is mandatory if the last jab occurred over 5 months ago.  Quarantine may be stopped on Day 4 with negative lateral flow tests till Day 10.  The unvaccinated need to quarantine for 10 days but may leave quarantine on Day 7 with negative lateral flows till Day 10.

People with symptoms need to quarantine and use the online self-evaluation tool.  If the tool says a PCR test is necessary and you test positive you need to self-isolate for 7 days.  You can end self-isolation on Day 7 if you have no symptoms.  If the test is negative no quarantine is required.

People who test positive for Covid using a lateral flow need to self-isolate and request an activation code for a PCR test.  If the test is positive self-isolation for 7 days is required.  You may leave isolation on Day 7 if symptoms are gone.  If the test is negative no isolation is required.

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