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What are the new quarantine rules for under 12s?

Starting today there are changes to the quarantine rules for under 12s. 

The matter was decided last Friday but the changes only emerged yesterday evening.  From today all under 12s will need to quarantine if anybody in their household tests positive for coronavirus. A ten-day quarantine is required unless the child has recovered from a bout of Covid during the past 5 months.  Then a shorter quarantine period of 7 days applies. Children may leave the house from Day 7 if they self-test negative and, for over 6s, mask indoors.

Following rules apply when children test positive in class at primary or secondary school.

In primary schools, if 4 or more pupils in one class test positive, then the entire class needs to quarantine for 5 days.  A PCR test is not required if there are no symptoms.

If fewer than 4 pupils test positive, a PCR test and quarantine are not required if the child is asymptomatic.

In secondary schools, if there are cases in class, a child who received two jabs doesn’t need to quarantine or do a PCR test if asymptomatic. If the child only got one jab or is unvaxxed a ten-day quarantine is mandatory.  It may be ended on Day 7 with negative lateral flow tests till Day 10.

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