Rob Engelaar

Trial of corrupt Drug Squad Chief Inspector to get under way in May

At a hearing held on Tuesday morning at Antwerp Criminal Court it has been decided that the trial of a Chief Inspector of Antwerp Police’s DOT (Drug Support Team) will get under way on 6 May. The police officer stands accused of having passed on information from police databases to criminal gangs involved in the lucrative narcotics trade. Both he and his contacts with the criminal underworld will stand trial from 6 May.


Detective Chief Inspector Dario L. was apprehended in March 2021 as part of the investigation into the Sky ECC encrypted messaging service. When detectives unencrypted messages from the Sky ECC messaging services it was discovered that Dario L. had passed on information from the police database to Alain D.R. who in turn passed the information on to criminals.

The Federal Police Central Anti-Corruption Service (CDBC) searched Dario L.’s home and his place of work. His partner that also works for the Antwerp Police Service was also taken in for questioning but was later released. She is in no way involved in any wrongdoing.

Dario L. was suspended and spent some time on remand but has since been released on conditional bail. Alain D.R. is also currently on conditional bail.

Both suspects stand accused of having participation in a criminal organisation, corruption and breach of professional confidence. 

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