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Blaze triggers early disruption on Antwerp orbital

Drivers approaching the connection between the Antwerp orbital and the A12 motorway bound for Brussels, “Antwerp-South” had a nasty surprise this morning.  The motorway had to be closed for several hours after a truck burst into flames.

It was 4:30 when fire-fighters got the call.  They attended the scene but needed two hours to get the fire under control.

“The truck was located just ahead of the Wilrijk exit” said Marie De Clercq of Antwerp firefighters.  “The blaze was hard to put out because little water is available at this spot.  We deployed two tankers with water and a further two tankers were brought in from Boom in the neighbouring Riversland zone”.

After the fire was doused the truck could be towed away and the surface of the motorway cleaned up.

Radio 2
Radio 2

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