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De Kock’s girlfriend arrested for murder

An examining magistrate has arrested Dave De Kock’s Dutch girlfriend.  Dave De Kock earlier abducted Dean, a 4-year-old boy, who was later found dead.  The girlfriend is suspected of abduction and murder.  De Kock, who is detained in the Netherlands, is suspected of abduction and involvement in a death.

Dave De Kock’s girlfriend was detained on Monday night.  Yesterday evening Dendermonde prosecutors decided to arrest her on suspicion of abduction and murder.  In order to speak of murder all conditions of homicide must be met.  The woman is accused of intentionally killing the boy, a premeditated act.

In the Netherlands De Kock is suspected of involvement in the killing.  This suggests the allegations against him there are not as grave, but this is probably due to a different legal approach North of the border.

Belgian prosecutors usually start from the most serious offence.  Being suspected of murder provides investigators with greater possibilities to establish the truth.  In the Netherlands a more cautious approach is taken, and the outcome of the investigation is awaited before finally deciding on the charges.

Where will the trial take place?

Jef Vermassen, Dean’s mother, says the news that Dean is dead hasn’t yet properly sunk in.  Dean’s mum also spoke of a tremendous disappointment during Vermassen’s first conversation with his client.

“She trusted these people.  The outcome is hard for her to process. Dean’s mum is in the first stage of mourning.  She will only truly realise what has happened when she sees the body.  Then she will be able to say farewell” says Vermassen.

A post-mortem is being conducted in the Netherlands today. Lawyer Vermassen notes that any case will be tried before the Ghent court of assizes if the murder happened in Belgium.  “If the murder happened in the Netherlands prosecutors will have to take a decision” the lawyer adds.

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