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Statue of WWI general and Congo administrator attacked

A statue honouring World War I general and Congo administrator Jacques de Dixmude has been attacked.  The statue stands on the market square of Diksmuide, where the general had his HQ during the Great War.  It was vandalised using red paint by an organisation calling itself the Stoeten Diksmullenoare or Naughty Diksmuider.  It’s not the general’s acts during the war that are being contested but his time in Congo where he served as an administrator in a region dominated by rubber farms, when the territory was run as King Leopold II’s private fiefdom.

The Stoeten Diksmullenoare says their act is a last warning.  If the statue is not removed, they will pull it down.

The town authorities have filed a complaint against the people who poured large quantities of red paint over the statue as “this is an act of vandalism against a protected monument”.

Police are on the case but are as yet unwilling to say anything about possible CCTV footage or the organisation that has claimed responsibility.  A similar organisation, De Stoeten Ostendenoare, (the Naughty Ostender) also exists in Ostend.  It regularly launches protests against atrocities in King Leopold’s former dominion and those responsible and has also attacked a statue of King Leopold on horseback in the seaside resort.

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