Was Dean still alive when De Kock drove to the Netherlands?

Dutch police have established that Dave De Kock, one of the chief suspects in the killing of 4-year-old Dean Verberckmoes drove to the Dutch island of Neeltje Jans where he deposited the boy’s body on Saturday.  Dutch police are appealing to- everybody who may possess camera pictures that may provide more information about the abduction to come forward.

Dutch police hope to establish the exact route taken by Dave De Kock.  The suspect drove a light grey Peugeot 206 with Belgian number plate 2-ARC-250.  Police want to know if the child was still alive and in the car.

De Kock is known to have arrived in Zeeland in the Netherlands around midnight on Friday.  He crossed the border at Hulst and drove through the Western Scheldt Tunnel.  He visited Koudekerke, Flushing and Middelburg, but it’s not known if Dean was still alive and in his company.  Police are looking for camera images from people living along the route.

On Saturday afternoon De Kock drove to Neeltje Jans Island where he abandoned the body. Prosecutors are not releasing any information regarding the post-mortem that has been completed.

De Kock was detained in Meerkerk near Utrecht on Monday.  His car was found in Gorinchem, 15km further south.

An examining magistrate from Dendermonde (East Flanders) has issued a European arrest warrant for Dave De Kock.  He stands accused of abduction of a minor and murder, the same allegations brought against his partner. The Dutch are examining the request to surrender the suspect to the Belgian authorities, which De Kock is opposing.   

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