Consultative Committee meeting starts almost two hours late

Today’s Consultative Committee that was to have started at 1pm finally got under way at around 2:45pm. The meeting of representatives of the federal, regional and language community government was delayed due to a separate meeting between the Prime Minister of the various regions and language communities held earlier going to discuss the so-called “Corona Barometer” going on longer than had been expected. 

The Consultative Committee meeting officially began at 2:45pm. The “Corona Barometer” has proved to be a source of discord. On Friday morning the Co-Leader of the Francophone green party Ecolo Marc Nollet told the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF that he believed that the proposals contained in the draft version of the “Corona Barometer” were too strict and that as things stand the barometer was “unsatisfactory”. Mr Nollet, whose party is part of the coalition in the Federal Government as well as in the coalitions that form the Walloon and Brussels regional governments and the government of Francophone language community, said that politicians from other parties also shared his reservations about the “Corona Barometer”.

At Thursday plenary session of the Federal Parliament the Federal Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) said that it is his absolute wish that the introduction “Corona Barometer” be approved at today’s Consultative Committee meeting.

The “Corona Barometer” is a colour-coded tool that links the introduction of certain sets of measures to curb the spread of coronavirus to a set of predetermined thresholds related to the number of hospitalisations and/or the number of people testing positive for coronavirus. The idea behind the barometer is that it will allow sectors that are hardest hit by restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus to be better prepared for what is to come.

As was the case after previous meetings. A press conference will be held to inform the public of what the Consultative Committee has agreed. It goes without saying that with inform you of what have been decided as soon as we’re able to do so.


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