Jonas Roosens

Police to stage large-scale operation against drink-driving

From 6pm on Friday evening the Federal Highways Police and the 145 local police services will be staging a large-scale operation against drink-driving. This weekend’s operation will be the 13th “Weekend without alcohol behind the wheel” operation to be staged by the country’s federal and local police services. Officers will be deployed at hundreds of locations across the country to test motorists for alcohol. 

The main aim of the operation is to raise awareness of the various serious road safety issues that arise from people drinking and driving. In 2020 there were an average of 12 road accidents in Belgium every day in which at least one of the parties involved had been drinking. This equates to an average of 1 such accident every 2 hours.

During the previous “Weekend without alcohol behind the wheel” in June of last year the police confiscated almost 200 driving licenses from motorists found to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A total of 18,371 motorists were tested, 2.83% of whom were over the limit for alcohol. This was up on the 1.91% of motorists that were over the limit during the previous “Weekend without alcohol behind the wheel”. 

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