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Limburg hospital hopes that peregrine falcon will sort out its pigeon problem

The Sint-Franciscus Hospital in Heusden-Zolder (Limburg Province) hopes that peregrine falcons will take up residence in a special nest  box it has installed for them on a discussed communications mast on its roof. Not only will the nest box provide a place for falcons to breed, the presence of the birds of prey will serve to deter the pigeons and jackdaws that have become a big nuisance around the hospital. 

The nest box is much larger than the bird boxes we might have in our gardens though. It weighs around 50kg. It goes without saying that it was quite a task getting it into position and fixed onto the mast some 30 metres above ground level. A crane from a roofing company was used. The entire operation was filmed by a drone camera. You can see the results by clicking on the film above.  

The hope is that the peregrine falcons will nest in the box and their presence will serve to drive away the pigeons and jackdaws that have become a nuisance in the hospital grounds. As well as making a lot of mess the pigeons and jackdaws also make a great deal of noise especially early in the morning. This disturbs the patients at the hospital.

The nest box at the hospital will be regularly observed through a telescope and binoculars in order to check whether falcons have taken up residence there. 

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