Protest against coronavirus measures this Sunday and next Sunday

The protest group Belgium United for Freedom says that it plans another demonstration on Sunday 30 January. Another demonstration against the coronavirus measures is already planned for tomorrow, Sunday 23 January. 

The organisation says that it is not against the measures to curb the spread of coronavirus as such, but rather it is against the way in which the measures are being implemented. Belgium United for Freedom also says that it is regrettable that the authorities are failing to listen to a section of the population that does not wish to be vaccinated.

In a press statement released on Friday the organisation’s spokesman Sarkis Simonjan said “Now, after having sent a series of letters to ministers, regional Prime Ministers and even King we have not received any replies. In our view this is tantamount to a contemptuous attitude”.

Mr Simonjan added that “The next national demonstration on 30 January will focus on calling for the dismissal of the government”.

The demonstration on 30 January will start off at Brussels North Railway Station on will end at the Atomium, more than 5 kilometres away.

Brussels North Station will also be the starting point for tomorrow’s demonstration. It will get under way at 11am and like previous demonstrations make its way to the Jubel Park close to Brussels’ European District. 

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