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Briton shot dead in Aartselaar

A 39-year-old British man has died after being shot in the street at Aartselaar in Antwerp Province. The man was gunned down in front of his flat on the Baron Van Ertbornstraat. The Antwerp Judicial Authorities say that the shooting has the hallmarks of a contract killing. The shooting took place at around 11pm on Saturday. The gunmen lay in wait on the driveway in front of the block of flats where their victim lived. 

When the 39-year-old Briton arrived home in his car the gunmen opened fire before driving away. At least two suspects are being sought in connection with the shooting. The victim died at the scene after sustaining several gunshot wounds.

The Antwerp Judicial Authorities' spokesman Kristof Aerts told the press agency Belga that an Examining Magistrate, a police surgeon, forensics experts and a firearms expert had all visited the scene of the shooting during Saturday night.

The investigation in now in the hands of the Antwerp Federal Judicial Police. No suspects have yet been apprehended. 

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