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Three Belgians injured in ballooning accident in Slovenia

Three Belgians have been injured in an accident involving a hot air balloon in Slovenia. The balloon they had been flying in made a hard landing on a field in the Slovene capital Ljubljana. The three were catapulted out of the balloon’s basket and were injured when they landed on the ground. The hot air balloon belongs to a company from the West Flemish municipality of Rollegem-Kapelle. The condition of none of those that were injured in the accident is life-threatening. 

6 people, 5 Belgians and a Slovene, were in the balloon basket when the accident happened. The balloon belongs to the West Flemish company Balloonteam Lips. The balloon’s Belgian pilot, a 55-year-old man, and two Belgian women aged 28 and 54 were injured as was a Slovene man aged 67.

Three of those injured required hospital treatment. One of them was taken to intensive care. However, none of them sustained life-threatening injuries. The cause of the accident is still unclear. Ballonteam Lips’ Arne Lips told VRT News that “We are waiting to find out what exactly happened”.

It’s a possibility that heavy gusts of wind might have made it difficult to land. The authorities in Ljubljana had issued advise to balloonists to stay on the ground on Saturday. 

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