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Health Ministers give green light for fourth dose of coronavirus for people with immunity deficiencies

A meeting of the various health ministers has agreed that a fourth dose of coronavirus vaccine should be offered to people in Belgium that have a weaken immune system. The news that the health ministers had agreed to follow the advice of the High Council for Health was announced by the Walloon Health Minister Christie Morraele (Francophone socialist) via her Twitter account. 

The decision to offer around 300,000 people in Belgium that have immunity deficiencies an extra shot of coronavirus vaccine has also been confirmed by the Flemish Health Minister Wouter Beke (Christian democrat).

In advice issued last week the High Council for Health recommended that people with weakened immune systems that are particularly vulnerable and are at high-risk from the ill-effects of COVID-19 be given an additional dose of coronavirus vaccine. In her tweet Ms Morreale said that the Health Ministers had given the green light and the decision will be implemented soon.

The Walloon Health Minister is currently Chair of the Inter-Ministerial Conference of Health Ministers.

Around 300,000 people in Belgium will be offered a fourth dose of coronavirus vaccine. The fourth shot will be considered as a booster dose to offer them extra protection from illness if the were to become infected with coronavirus.

The current vaccination schedule in Belgium provides for three doses of coronavirus vaccine for people that are over the age of 18. However, some countries such as Israel have already started giving fourth doses of coronavirus vaccine to people that are particularly vulnerable. Soon Belgium will start doing this too for people that have immunity deficiency issues.


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