"Let asymptomatic kids go to school"

The Flemish education sector is backing the requests from individual schools to make changes to quarantine rules.  Education representatives say only pupils with symptoms should have to stay off school in future.

This morning education minister Weyts (nationalist) met with representative of the education sector including the unions as well as scientific experts.  Belgian health and education ministers meet on Wednesday to decide this and other matters.

The education sector this morning decided to give the go ahead for school trips that last more than one day starting 29 January.  
At the request of GPs teachers who are ill will require a doctor’s sick note but no longer the special Covid certificate.

The representatives of the education sector also looked at the draft corona barometer for the education sector.  Currently we are under Code Red, the worst possible scenario.  Data on the pandemic like hospitalisations decide which measures are implemented.  A special barometer tailored to education is being developed, but no firm decisions have yet been taken.

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