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Leon catches all three common corona variants

11-year-old Leon from Kessel-Lo outside Leuven (Flemish Brabant) has tested positive for the omicron variant of coronavirus.  “So did 47,000 other people yesterday” I hear you saying, but for Leon this is his third coronavirus infection.

The poor lad seems to be collecting all the letters of the Greek alphabet.  Earlier he also tested positive for alpha and delta variants.

Leon’s dad, Tim, told VRT Radio: “Leon’s school has been closed for a week.  There were an awful lot of infections.  A few kids were sick, but most didn’t have any symptoms and were all happy bunnies”.

Leon’s at home now too.  Fortunately, he’s not feeling poorly.
A while ago all members of Leon’s family came down with delta variant, his parents and two brothers.

“Each time again we need to sort out what the rules are” says Leon’s dad.  
One brother has now tested negative and is back to school. The eldest doesn’t need to get tested because he has a recovery certificate from the recent infection, but he can’t return to school.  The school is shut.  Too many teachers are off work ill.

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