“Laughing gas messed up my entire life”

Laughing gas is becoming increasingly popular among the young.  It can give a short rush of euphoria and many youngsters see this as an outlet in corona times when pubs close early, and nightlife is restricted.

Not everybody who has tried it remains equally enthusiastic. Dounia is 19.  She’s currently being treated in hospital after laughing gas attacked her nervous system and she is suffering paralysis to the legs. One morning she tried to get up and could no longer stand.  Laughing gas was the culprit.

Dounia was keen to share her story because laughing gas isn’t as innocent as it looks.

“There’s no point.  It’s a waste of money and destroys everything.  I messed up my entire life thanks to laughing gas”.

“Laughing gas is easily available.  You can order it via social media and get it delivered within a quarter of an hour.

Neurologist Pieternel Vanherpe explains that laughing gas is a gas that can be inhaled.  It ends up in your blood and arrives in the brain triggering euphoria in an initial stage.  Later side effects include dizziness, lack of balance and alertness and memory problems.  The more you use, the greater the side effects”.

“We often see youngsters with side effects at A&E.  They’ve been experiencing problems that have been getting worse for days or weeks.  Often, they don’t realise it’s linked to laughing gas”.   

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