Covid Safe Ticket extended without any end date

The Flemish parliament yesterday approved the extension of the Covid Safe Ticket (CST).  Earlier the Brussels and Walloon parliaments had also given the CST a new lease of life.

The Covid Safe Ticket is the Belgian version of the EU Digital Covid Certificate. It allows you to provide certification of your vaccine status and needs to be presented for indoor seating in bars and restaurants among other venues. 

In Flanders use of the CST was set to lapse at the end of the month of January.  It has now been extended sine die. Flemish legislation links the end of the CST to the end of the federal pandemic emergency.

Government lawmakers insist the CST is necessary for the duration of Wave 5 but were keen to stress that though no end date was fixed the CST is a temporary measure.

The Flemish far right and far left were the only parties to oppose the prolongation.

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