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Sought: the world’s most unique loo

For her thesis at the Thomas More University at Mechelen (Antwerp Province) student Camille Vanuxem has gone in search of the world’s most original toilets and her search is still ongoing.

“Show me your home and I will tell you who you are” is an often heard saying.  Student Camille hopes to put this into practice by concentrating on the home’s smallest room.  She is studying applied audio-visual communication at Thomas More and to complete her studies she is producing a TV programme about the world’s most unique lavatories.

“Tonight, I’m visiting a former sea captain whose loo is decorated with items from the world of seafaring.  It includes a box that makes sea and seagull noises. A story lurks behind many objects in loos, and this is a story I wish to tell”.

The student has visited many exceptional toilets.

“Once I visited a lady, who under the slogan ‘Holy Shit’ had a toilet hanging full of crucifixes.  Recently I was in a house five men were living in.  The entire loo was pasted with snaps of naked women.  It was so OTT, the cleaning lady would no longer enter!”

Camille is still in search of even more unique experiences, and you too can help her by sending a snap to hetkleinstekamertje@gmail.com.

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