Corona barometer heralds fresh relaxations

The corona barometer is being introduced for the first time today.  The barometer links the situation in our hospitals to the corona measures that are applied.  The tool has three colours, red, amber, and yellow. We start in the highest alert phase with over 150 hospitalisations a day and over 500 patients in critical care.

Despite Code Red today also heralds a number of relaxations. In hospitality current rules apply but bars and restaurants may stay open till midnight.

Indoor activities that were banned once again become possible: bowling, snooker, billiards, and darts.  Indoor amusement parks, soft play areas, animal parks, subtropical swimming pools, casinos and betting offices may all reopen.

Discotheques remain closed.

The public is once again admitted to indoor events in larger numbers depending on the capacity.  This is good news for the cultural sector and sports events.  Small venues may welcome crowds of 200, while larger venues may fill 70% of seats or capacity.  With optimal ventilation full capacity becomes possible.

The Code Red alert does not change any of the rules for homeworking or shopping.

Starting 1 March, the Covid Safe Ticket will only show green for adults if they have been boosted or had the second dose less than 5 months ago.

Code amber applies with between 65 and 149 hospitalisations a day and between 300 and 500 patients in critical care.  Code yellow is in force with fewer than 65 daily hospitalisations and fewer than 300 patients in ICUs.

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