Nicolas Maeterlinck

Naked giant snapped up for 29,000 euros

The statue of the naked giant that has been a familiar sight for drivers on the E17 motorway at Waregem (West Flanders) for many years has reached 29,513 euros at auction.

The one-eyed giant, a Cyclops, was initially created two decades ago as part of an art project at the Ghent museum of contemporary art, the S.M.A.K. It was then purchased by art lover Hervé Missiaen, who used the statue to publicise his forklift truck business.  Hervé is now moving abroad and unable to fit the giant in his suitcase, so sale was the only option.

The identity of the new owner hasn’t yet been divulged.  All we know is that it’s somebody from the Ghent area. 

“I’m happy the giant is heading for a new tale in Flanders” says Hervé.  “The giant had the task of bringing a smile to the face of at least one person a day on the E17 and that he has accomplished with verve.  Many people will miss the giant as he was such an iconic point of recognition.  I’m pleased he’s been sold.  Now I can focus on my own future in the knowledge the giant too will survive!”

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