Diplomas pipped by experience for Brussels jobseekers

In the Brussels Region in future having experience will be at least as important as a diploma when you are looking for a job in the Belgian and Flemish capital.  The Brussels region has decided that when it evaluates jobseekers diplomas will have less impact.  In future the emphasis will chiefly lie with experience and motivation.

The Brussels region is launching a new online platform for jobseekers: MyTalent that should help to fill at least 535 vacancies this year.

“We are eager to optimise the selection procedure and speak to candidates’ experience far more strongly.  At present we use standard CVs.  We want to get rid of them.  Times are changing and we want to move with the times” says Cédric Verschooten of talent.Brussels.

The Brussels region has had special tools developed to test experience.

“You no longer need to visit us in person.  Tests can be completed online using a computer, tablet or smartphone”.

The development means people will be able to qualify for some jobs without possessing the right diplomas.

“Experience is at least as important.  We also take account of motivation.  Today it’s also easier for people with a handicap to complete the tests” says Verschooten.

In 2022 the Brussels region is using MyTalent to find at least 535 new staff.  All the region’s partners will use this platform to find new colleagues: road workers, engineers, inspectors…

For a number of posts, it’s possible to apply without the diploma usually required.

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