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Macabre find in Jabbeke tank


Police in Jabbeke (West Flanders) are investigating a bizarre case of animal abuse.  A contractor discovered the remains of a dog in a rainwater tank.  A heavy pump had been attached to the animal’s lead seemingly to drown it.


Katrin Verlende from Ghent, the poor dog’s owner had reported the animal missing to the Lostdogzzz charity only the previous evening.  Katrin had adopted the dog from Spain only two days earlier.

“I teach drama in Jabbeke and on Monday evening I had taken Olympia for a walk.  We were watching some footie when the ball hit the fence close to us.  Olympia started and managed to run off”.

The dog, a bitch, is a cross between an Ibizan hound and a greyhound.

It was Gino Meuleman, a contractor from Koekelare, who made the macabre discovery in the water tank on the building site when he wanted to set to work on Tuesday morning.

“I wanted to check the pump in the rainwater tank.  It felt heavier than usual.  I raised it and saw the remains of the dog.  It was a dreadful sight” says Gino.

“Somebody attached the heavy pump to the dog’s leash.  That’s how it drowned”.

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