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Workman dies after falling from a crane at building site near Antwerp

A workman has died after an accident at a building site at the town of Mortsel, just outside Antwerp. The 23-year-old workman was seriously injured after he fell from a crane. He was rushed to hospital in a critical condition but has since died. 

The accident happened at around 9am on Friday at a building site on the Drabstraat in Mortsel. A workman fell several metres to ground while he was in the process of dismantling a crane. He was taken to hospital in a critical condition but later died of his injuries.

The Antwerp Labour Inspectorate’s Pieter Wyckaert told VRT News that “It is possible that the man hadn’t taken the necessary safety measures when he was dismantling the crane. Witnesses saw him fall and there is also CCTV footage that we can look at”’.

An accident investigation is currently under way. Apart from his age no information has been given about the identity of the victim.


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