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Royal Meteorological Institute warns of heavy rain on Sunday

The Royal Meteorological Institute (KMI) has warned of high winds and rain for Sunday. A Code Yellow warning applies for rain and wind in the whole country, except West Flanders, on Sunday. A lot of precipitation is expected in the province of Liège, where a Code Orange warning for rain applies.  KMI also forecasts gusts of wind reaching up to 90 km/h in coastal areas. At some inland locations wind speeds could be even higher. 

KMI forecasts persistent rain from tonight, which will intensify during tomorrow morning. The rain could continue until Sunday evening, with localised showers still possible even after that. In the entire country, except for West Flanders, a Code Yellow warning is in force for rain. In Liège Province where the most rainfall is forecast Code Orange is in force.

Precipitation is forecast to exceed 25 l/m² in all provinces, except for West Flanders. In the Antwerp, Limburg, Namur, and Luxembourg Provinces there could be as much as 40 l/m² of rainfall. Meanwhile, as much as 60 l/m² of rain could fall in Liège Province. This could be more still at some upland locations.

The VRT’s weatherman Frank Deboosere told VRT News that “To make a comparison: in the entire month of February, an average of 65 liters of precipitation per square meter falls at Ukkel (Brussels)"


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