Big fall in the price of petrol and diesel

If you are thinking of filling up your car, van or lorry it might be a good idea to wait until tomorrow morning if you can. The reduction in fuel excise agreed by the Federal Government earlier this week comes into force on Saturday. 

The reduction in the fuel excises means that prices at the pumps will fall by 17.5 cents per litre and that filling up a 60-litre tank with petrol or diesel will cost 10.5 euro less than it does today (Friday 18 March). It’s not all good news though as the price of heating oil is going up once again. 

Earlier this week Belgium’s Federal Government decided that on a series of measures designed to help the population cope with the considerable rise in fuel and energy costs during the past few months. One of the measures was a reduction in the level of excise duty levied on petrol and diesel. The Royal Decree that turns the measures into law was published in the State Journal earlier today. 

Both the price of a litre of E10 and E5 petrol and a litre of diesel will fall by 17.5 eurocent from midnight. The maximum price for a litre of E10 (benzine 95) petrol will become 1.776 euro/litre. The maximum price for E5 petrol (bezine 98) will be 1.848 euro/litre. Meanwhile, the maximum price for diesel will fall to 1.904 euro/litre

However, the price of heating oil (50S) is going up again. For orders in excess of 2,000 litres suppliers will be allowed to charge no more than 1.1562 euro/litre from Saturday. This is 13.04 cent up on the current price. The price increase is due to the rise in the price of crude oil on the international market. Those that heat their homes with heating oil will soon be given a fuel cheque worth 200 euro that is intended to go some way to compensate for the price hike. 

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