“Corona is not behind us” says Professor Erika Vlieghe

The number of coronavirus infections is on the rise and although we have regained most of the freedoms we enjoyed before the pandemic, the infectious diseases expert Professor Erika Vlieghe warns that the pandemic is not yet behind us.

Professor Vlieghe told VRT News that “What we see is a new wave”. How it will evolve remains to be seen and "This doesn’t necessary have to be a big wave like we had in the winter. It could just be an upsurge”.

She calls on us to be realistic and to prevent infections as much as we can. Professor Vlieghe adds that it is a shame that we have abandoned the good habits that we had developed since the onset of the pandemic two years ago. “Corona is not over yet and flu and other respiratory infections are back”.

Professor Vlieghe calls on us all to pay more attention to the basic rules (hand hygiene, distancing, etc.) and “If you don’t feel well get tested. If you are infected, stay in isolation. If you arrange to meet people take a self-test. Preferably arrange to meet outside or ensure that there is sufficient ventilation. Also consider the health of vulnerable people even if they have been immunised. Respect people that still wish to protect themselves by wearing an FFP2 mask when, for example, they go shopping. Wear a mask yourself when you have contact with them".

The number of infections is above all rising in Flanders. Professor Vlieghe says that this is because Flemings tend to have more contacts and take part in more activities that people elsewhere in Belgium. The figures in Wallonia and the Brussels-Capital Region are rising too, but not as fast as in Flanders.


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