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Chopper scrambled in migrant rescue mission

A Belgian air sea rescue helicopter was scrambled and two rescue ships were dispatched this morning after a migrant attempting to reach the UK called 112 from on board a vessel making its way to UK waters.

It was around 5AM that the Belgian emergency services were alerted.  A migrant called 112 saying that the people on board his vessel were in distress.  He told the emergency services the vessel with 35 migrants on board was making little progress on the high seas and taking water.

The boat was localised in French territorial waters.  An NH90 helicopter was scrambled from Koksijde air base and two Belgian rescue vessels, the Orka and the Zeetijger, were dispatched.

The Belgian chopper located the boat that was continuing its journey to the UK.

“The rescue services went to take a look.  I understand the problem is now sorted and the boat is making for English shores.  It’s being followed from afar.  I guess they will be detained when they arrive in England” says Governor of West Flanders, Carl Decaluwé.

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