President Biden in Brussels: disruption expected

US President Biden is in the country from Wednesday evening till Friday.  The leader of the Free World is attending the special NATO summit, devoted to the war in Ukraine, in Brussels on Thursday and will be at the European council of heads of state and government on Friday.

Disruption to traffic is unavoidable.  The Brussels local transport company MIVB is also warning its services too will be affected.

MIVB’s An Van hamme: “We anticipate disruption in the Schuman and European Districts and in the vicinity of NATO HQ”.

The diplomatic surge means several entrances to the Schuman and Kunst-Wet (Arts-loi) metro stations will be closed.

"Nine bus lines are being diverted in the Schuman District.  Several bus lines won’t call at Schuman.  Passengers are advised to catch their bus at the Maelbeek metro station" says An Van hamme.

The MIVB is urging the travelling public to take the metro if at all possible as it will suffer less disruption.

“From Wednesday evening till Friday passengers are being kept posted via our MIVB social media channels on Facebook and Twitter” says An Van hamme.

More information is also available via the MIVB website.

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