Supermarket manager stole 90,000 euro from safe of Lidl store

A court in Mechelen (Antwerp Province) has convicted the now former manager of the Lidl supermarket in the village of Putte of theft. While in charge of the store the man stole more than 90,000 euro out of the supermarket’s safe. The theft occurred after the man had obtained a key to the safe by mistake. 

When a courier went to the supermarket to empty the safe the supermarket manager said that the key to the safe could not be found. He kept the key and systematically stole cash from the safe. The total sum stolen amounted to more than 90,000 euro.

The man’s lawyer told the court that his client had gambling debts and that he used the stolen money to pay these off. The Judge sentenced the man to a one year suspended sentence during which he will be on probation. He was also fined 1,200 euro. 

The man must also pay his former employer, the supermarket chain Lidl, compensation amounting to 95,250 euro. 

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