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Last journey now possible in a Tesla

A funeral director in Maasmechelen has converted a Tesla, the famous American electric vehicle, into a hearse.  The vehicle is believed to be the first electric hearse in Limburg and possibly in the whole of Flanders.

Maarten Stulens of the Papillon funeral services firm in Maasmechelen (Limburg) has now added an electric hearse to his fleet.  The Limburger says that Germany’s Mercedes already marketed electric vehicles to transport human remains, but the converted Tesla is the first electric hearse in Limburg.

“More and more sectors are switching to electric vehicles.  I believe it’s also important to be innovative in the funeral services sector” says Stulens. 

It was a Dutch company that converted the Tesla.

Of course using a Tesla does impact on the price of the funeral. Maarten Stulens:

“It adds extra costs to a funeral, but you can also see it as a form of prestige.  It’s nice to see everything in a funeral cortege being completely silent.  Now we no longer need to drive in front of the family with the engine running”.

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