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NATO strengthens eastern flank

At its summit in Brussels the western military alliance has decided to beef up its defences on its eastern flank towards the Russian Federation. 

NATO defence ministers have agreed to establish four new battle groups in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.  The battle groups come in addition to four other battle groups in Poland and the Baltic states.

NATO is deploying extra fighter jets, warships and 6,000 extra troops to guard its borders against the Russian Federation.

Ukraine is to receive extra financial, military and humanitarian support including anti-tank weapons and drones.

NATO defence budgets are being increased. The alliance has warned the Russian Federation against the use of chemical weapons in its war against Ukraine and has urged the People’s Republic of China not to support Russia’s war.

NATO is rejecting Ukraine’s request for tanks, fighter jets or a no-fly zone over its territory.

NATO secretary general Stoltenberg said the alliance remained united and determined to oppose Russian aggression, support the government and people of Ukraine and defend the security of all allies.

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