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Driver goes out of his way to mow down cyclist

In Roeselare a 21-year-old driver high on drugs crashed into a 66-year-old cyclist on Friday night.  The driver fled the scene but was later identified and tested positive for drugs.

It was shortly after 6PM that a driver drove his car off the road and onto a cycle path and mowed down a cyclist without any clear reason.  The 66-year-old cyclist was thrown over the car but survived though he is seriously injured as a result of the assault. The cyclist suffered injuries to his head and chest but is no longer fighting for his life.  The car driver fled the scene.

It was the young man’s stepfather who alerted the police explaining that his stepson had run somebody down.

On his arrest the driver indicated that he was angry with the world adding that overpopulation was a problem he wanted to address.  He then tested positive for drugs.

The diver faces charges of attempted manslaughter. A psychiatrist has been appointed to assess the suspect's mental health.

Both driver and cyclist hail from the West Flemish town of Roeselare but don’t know each other.

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