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Woman arsonist arrested in the act

A 38-year-old woman has been detained in connection with a series of arson attacks targeting cars.  In recent weeks some ten vehicles have been set alight in Antwerp.  Police managed to catch the woman in the act in the Antwerp district of Hoboken last night.

The arson attacks started in January, mostly in the evenings or at night.  Police noticed similarities in the way the fire was light in several of the attacks.

Local people so worried the police decided to carry out visible and covert surveillance in the area.  It was around 3:30AM that officers caught the woman in the act when she was setting light to a delivery van.  The woman was carrying fire accelerants.  More accelerants as well as equipment to light fires were found during a search of her home.  The investigation hopes to establish whether or not she was responsible for other attacks.

The van attacked last night suffered fire damage at the front of the vehicle.  A driver who had parked his car nearby was able to move his vehicle in time.   

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