Chayenne is the new Miss Belgium

Chayenne Van Aarle is the new Miss Belgium.  Chayenne, who hails from Antwerp, is bilingual as it befits a young woman, who has the job of representing Belgium on the world stage.  Last night she saw off competition from a field of 30 at the Proximus Theatre at Plopsa De Panne.

Today, Chayenne, who is 22, works as a stewardess.  She has a remarkable life story.

“I was born in caravan” says the new Miss Belgium “but I grew up in a castle.  My dad adopted and cared for old circus animals.  He taught me, you can reach your goals if you work hard”.

Chayenne succeeds Kediste Deltour, who represented the country as Miss Belgium for the past year.

Elle Leclercq from Lokeren (East Flanders) came second in this year’s competition.  Silvana Spyros from Limburg Province was third.

Anna Neplyah, the current Miss Ukraine Universe 2021, also addressed the crowd: “This is a special evening but we mustn’t forget that not far from here people are experiencing a scary night. War is very real in my country.  It’s not only soldiers who are dying, but also citizens including women and children.  This is why I’m asking NATO to support Ukraine. Ukrainians are fighting to defend democracy across Europe”.

The Ukrainian received a standing ovation.

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