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Skippy captured, captor dons kangaroo outfit

Farmer Gerard Depoorter has received his reward.  The farmer recently helped to capture Skippy, an escaped kangaroo.  Owner Frank Hillewaere had promised that anybody who helped to capture the missing kangaroo could count on a slap-up meal at his expense.  In the event Farmer Gerard even got to wear a Skippy costume!

Skippy escaped from his home in Vladslo (Diksmuide - West Flanders) several weeks ago after a he-goat left the gate open.  The whole village tried to find the animal that had taken refuge in the local German war cemetery.

It was only when Farmer Gerard appeared on the scene that Skippy could be caught. “I was able to grab him by his tail,” said a proud Farmer Gerard.

Skippy’s owner had promised to treat the person who helped him to capture the kangaroo to a slap-up meal and so it happened.  Spare ribs were on the menu and Farmer Gerard was able to don a real kangaroo costume.

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