Is there PFAS contamination in your street or neighbourhood?

A new interactive map will allow anyone with internet access to find out which places in Flanders might have soil may that is contaminated with PFAS. In addition to the well-publicised PFAS contamination around the 3M factory in Zwijndrecht there are more than 800 other locations across Flanders, where PFAS could pose a risk to health. A large portion of the sites identified are fire stations or training facilities where fire-fighters have used fire-fighting foam that contains PFAS chemicals. 

On the map below you can see if any on the sites are near to your home, school or place of work.


After it was revealed that the soil around the 3M factory at Zwijndrecht (Antwerp Province) is  contaminated with PFOS, the Flemish Government started drafting a list of all places in our region where there might be PFOS in the soil.

The results are contain the map below. It shows places in Flanders where PFAS - the larger family to which PFOS belong - might be in the soil. You are able to zoom in and see what the situation is for your street or neighbourhood. 

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