Price of petrol to reach record level

The Federal Economy Department has announced that the maximum price filling stations can charge for a litre of petrol will increase from tomorrow (Tuesday 10 May). The increase of more than 5 eurocent per litre will mean that price of filling up your car in Belgium will reach a new record.

From Tuesday 10 May filling stations will be allowed to charge up to 1.957 euro for a litre of Benzine 95 (E10) petrol. This is an increase of 5.4 eurocent on the current maximum price.  Meanwhile, the maximum price for a litre of Benzine 98 (E5) petrol will rise by 5.8 cents to 2.069 euro.  

The new maximum prices are above those recorded in mid-March Then the maxilmum price for a litre of Benzine 95 was set at 1.951 euro, while the mximum price or a litre of Benzine 98 stood at 2.023 euro. 

In March the Federal Government temporarily cut the level of excise duty levied on petrol (and diesel) bt 17.5 eurocent/litre. Without the cut in excise duty the price petrol and diesel would be higher still. 

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