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Brussels police hand out 250 fines for unsafe scooter use

Police in the City of Brussels and Elsene are stepping up their checks on violations of the rules by users of scooters and electric bikes in pedestrian precincts.  In only a couple of weeks 250 176-euro fines have been meted out.

Police say they have noticed a surge in infringements by people on scooters and e-bikes.  More often than not speed is the issue.

“Riding through the pedestrian precinct among pedestrians at speed creates an unsafe environment.  We will no longer tolerate this” says David Stevens of the local police cycle brigade. “Riders are stopped and have to leave their scooter or e-bike by the wayside”.

Brussels police are anticipating new rules that are being introduced in law this summer.  Users of electronic scooters must be aged at least 16.  Scooters may not be driven on the pavement and in pedestrian precincts speeds may not exceed those of pedestrians.  Riding a scooter in twos becomes illegal and strict parking rules will apply.

“It was necessary to increase the age of use to 16 because it is only then that people become accountable in traffic” Stevens explains. “Youngsters under the age of 16 are not sufficiently aware of the dangers of this mode of transport.  The age limit also makes it easier to hand out fines”.

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