Canal It Up

“Don’t pee or pooh when it rains”

“Canal It Up” has launched a campaign to prevent sewerage ending up in the waterways of Brussels.  The Brussels organisation is calling on the people of Brussels not to go to the loo when it’s raining.

The reason is clear: “Brussels only possesses one sewerage system that is fed by water from our lavatories as well as rainwater.  When it rains the system can’t meet demand an excess water overflows ending up in the Brussels – Willebroek Canal and the River Zenne. Both get polluted” says Pieter Elsen of “Canal It Up”.

“The Canal and the River are badly polluted by sewerage when it rains.  We’ve studied the entire system.  There’s no easy solution, but the best answer is to ‘Hold your Pee & Poo’ when it rains”.

“Canal It Up” has calculated 10 million cubic metres of sewerage end up in Brussels waterways each year. 

The campaign is tongue in cheek and the people of Brussels are not really supposed to hold it up, but it should create greater awareness of the problem. 

The campaign includes road signs depicting a male and female figure with crossed legs as well as features on several media outlets.

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