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One in ten taking part in video calls behind the wheel

Research has shown that during the past month one in ten Belgians took part in a video conference while at the wheel of a vehicle.  Teams and Zoom are the most popular applications employed.

Traffic institute Vias warns that following a video meeting is far more complex and involves far greater risks than an ordinary phone call.  The organisation insists employers must make precise arrangements with staff with regard to such practices.

“We believe it’s impossible to enshrine this effectively in the highway code.  How will you be able to enforce this? From outside the vehicle you can’t see if somebody is talking to one or more people.  Very precise agreements between employer and employees are possible.  Employers can clearly state they don’t want workers to participate in online meetings while at the wheel. If you need to take part and find yourself on the move, then people should park in a safe area and then take the call” says Vias’s Stef Willems.

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