AJ Wattamaniuk

What’s important for Belgians in an employer?

Salary, work environment and job security remain the most important factors when deciding on an employer say human resources experts Randstad.  The pandemic has done little to change Belgians’ attitudes towards their employer. 

Randstad quizzed nearly 13,000 workers, students and stay at home husbands and wives aged between 18 and 65 last January.

For the seventh year in a row salary and work-related benefits remain the most important criteria when choosing an employer says Randstad.  The atmosphere at work comes home second followed by job security and work-life balance. 

Despite more homeworking the location of the place of work has never been rated so important as in the present survey.  Randstad believes high fuel costs and masking on public transport may be factors in this. 

The ability to homework is only ranked in seventh place as an important factor. Jan Denys of Randstad explains that only for 45% of workers is homeworking relevant.

The pharmaceutical sector remains the most popular employer, with aviation in second place followed by media, high-tech and ICT and consultancy. Following the dip provoked by the financial sector banking and insurance gained ground in the present survey.

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