VOC Brasschaat-Kapellen

Woman finds boa constrictor in the garden

Imagine the consternation of a woman in Brasschaat (Antwerp) when she found a baby boa constrictor taking the sun in her garden.  It has now emerged that the snake belongs to one of the women’s neighbours and had escaped from her property.

The snake measured some 50 cm and had probably just eaten a baby rabbit or rat. 

In Belgium owners of boa constrictors need to report the existence of their pet to the authorities.  That’s necessary because these are rather large snakes that can strangle their prey. This specimen had not been chipped.

After the discovery the woman contacted the Kapellen bird sanctuary where the serpent is being cared for.  The rightful owner now only needs to produce photos and the right paperwork in order to be able to come and collect their pet.

Kathleen De Vriendt of the bird sanctuary confirmed that the animal was in rude health: “We can’t criticise the care the boa has received” she told VRT News. “The snake had just had a meal.  We will provide the owner with a set of tips to prevent any repeat of this incident”.

It is not the first time that a boa constrictor has been taken to the Kapellen sanctuary.  Earlier adult specimens measuring two metres ended up here.  Because the sanctuary isn’t really used to dealing with reptiles, they transferred the animal to SOS Reptile where it received appropriate care.

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