Planckendael Animal Park evacuated after bonobo escapes

The Planckendael Animal Park, near Mechelen (Antwerp Province) has been cleared of visitors as keepers try and capture an escaped bonobo. The ape escaped from its enclosure earlier on Friday and has climbed into a nearby tree. For safety reasons visitors were told to leave. The animal has since been recaptured.

There was something of a commotion on Friday morning when keepers discovered that the bonobo had escaped. However, the great ape was soon located in a tree near to his enclosure.

As bonobos can be dangerous to humans, visitors were taken to safety outside the park or taken into buildings inside the animal park, the Local Police Service told VRT News.

Planckendael's zookeepers tried to persuade the ape to return to his enclosure. The animal has since been recaptured.


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